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Overpayment Rule Decision Doesn't Imperil Risk Adjustment Cases: Mary Inman and Max Voldman in RAC Monitor

Posted  October 19, 2018

On September 7, a federal district court in Washington, D.C. vacated a single Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regulation – the 2014 “overpayment rule.”  As Constantine Cannon whistleblower attorneys Mary Inman and Max Voldman write in RAC Monitor, many Medicare Advantage Organizations have since made bold statements about the significance of this decision and its impact on the series of False Claims Act cases currently being pursued against them by the Department of Justice and multiple whistleblowers in courts throughout the U.S. for alleged risk adjustment fraud. Contrary to the MAOs’ prognostications, however, the sky is not falling for FCA enforcement in Medicare managed care, and the risk adjustment fraud cases remain very much intact.  Read the full article: Despite MAOs’ Claims, Recent Decision Doesn’t Imperil DOJ and Whistleblower Risk Adjustment Fraud Cases

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