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Business Leaders Urge Trump Administration to Keep DACA

Posted  September 1, 2017

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

According to reports, President Trump plans to put an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an executive order put in place by the Obama administration in 2012. The program has shielded nearly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation and has allowed them to work and study legally in the U.S. In response to the news reports, dozens of tech industry leaders signed a letter calling on Trump to continue the program.

The open letter, released Thursday by tech industry advocacy group FWD.us, includes heavyweights such as Apple Inc.’s Tim Cook, Facebook Inc.’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon.com Inc.’s Jeff Bezos, and Google Inc.’s Sundar Pichai among its signatories. Eliminating the program would imperil the economy and jeopardize the futures of nearly 800,000 young people, known as “dreamers” — 97 percent of whom are in school or in the workforce, they wrote.

Multiple polls have shown that about two-thirds of Americans, including Republicans and Trump supporters, favor protecting “dreamers” in some form. President Trump has signaled his willingness to eliminate the legal protection for these immigrants, but so far has not taken the steps to do so. He has both promised to end the deferred-action program on his first day of office — calling it an unconstitutional abuse of executive authority — as well as vowed to “show great heart” to “these incredible kids.”

“Dreamers are vital to the future of our companies and our economy,” the executives wrote. “With them, we grow and create jobs. They are part of why we will continue to have a global competitive advantage.”