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Constantine Cannon Partner Mary Inman is Quoted in Law360 Article Regarding EU Reform Opening the Door to Whistleblowers

Posted  February 22, 2019

London partner Mary Inman was quoted in a February 20th, 2019 Law360 article regarding new EU proposals to protect individuals who report attempts by entities or other individuals to violate or circumvent laws. In the article titled “EU Reforms May Help Open Doors For Whistleblowers” Ms. Inman discussed the penalties against Barclays CEO Jes Staley saying, “The sad reality is that regulated business are more likely to be deterred by the negative publicity Barclays and Jes Staley have received than by the meager punishment the FCA meted out here.” Ms. Inman discussed other potential angles for international whistleblowers saying “You may want to ask whether there is a North American angle to the fraud, because if there is that opens up a whole new world of protection that wouldn’t be there otherwise. An employee who spots wrongdoing while working for a U.K. bank trading on the New York Stock Exchange might want to go to the U.S. program, where anonymity is guaranteed and there is some financial incentive to come forward.” Ms. Inman concluded her discussion saying, “Those two things [anonymity and financial incentive] make it much more likely that you would be able to blow the whistle and not be as concerned about your future livelihood and career prospects.”

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