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Scoundrel Spotlight - The Grenon Family

Posted  July 21, 2023

This week’s Scoundrel in the Spotlight is Mark Grenon and his three sons, Jonathan, Joseph, and Jordan.  As reported in the Miami Herald, on Wednesday (July 19) a Florida jury convicted them for selling a toxic bleach solution as a miracle cure out of a fake online church.  They called it a “Miracle Mineral Solution” and pitched it as a cure for 95% of the world’s diseases from AIDS to COVID-19.

The jury returned its guilty verdict in only 30 minutes in the two-day trial in which the Grenons represented themselves.  And while they said nothing to defend their actions, the government prosecutors apparently had a lot to say, calling it all a scheme built on deception and dishonesty, and more simply, just “an old-fashioned scam.”

The Grenons were charged in July 2020 after an investigation by the FDA.  At trial, the government called only two witnesses: FDA Special Agent Jose Rivera and Dr. Arthur Simone, a senior medical adviser for the FDA.  The Grenons did not call any witnesses or present any evidence.  Apparently, they did not even respond to questions by the judge, simply standing in defiance with their long ponytails and beards in their prison jumpsuits.

Government prosecutors called the Grenons “con men” and “snake-oil salesmen.”  Instead of a wonder drug for those in serious need, what they were really selling was chlorine dioxide, a bleach typically used for treating textiles, industrial water, pulp, and paper.  It is no wonder a jury reached their verdict so quickly.  Unfortunately, for the many innocent purchasers of their miracle cure, they were not so savvy to the scheme.  And it is for this dastardly deception and complete disregard for public welfare that the Grenons get the Spotlight this week.

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