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Trump University: A Foreboding

Posted  April 29, 2016

By Gordon Schnell and Phillip Brown (Published in US News and World Report)

Big news for Donald Trump on the campaign trail.  It has nothing to do with his inexorable march to the Republican nomination.  It is about the fraud action New York brought against him concerning his now-defunct Trump University.  On Tuesday, a New York judge ruled the case will go to trial, perhaps as early as the fall, clearly creating what could be another major sideshow in his bid for the White House.

We all should have a pretty good idea by now of what a Donald Trump presidency would look like.  Or perhaps more pointedly, what it would not — reasoned, broad-minded, consensus-driven, balanced, cogent, rational, open and honest leadership.  In his inexplicable rise to Republican front-runner — with all the invective, inanity and invention that have come with it — The Donald has painted an indelible image for us of the man who would be King.

But as clear as this presidential specter has now become, we need look no further than his dubious dealings surrounding Trump University for a real-world foretaste of what our State of the Union would look like with Mr. Trump at the helm.  From the college’s inception to the time of its demise — barely a six year run — Trump’s failed venture into higher education plowed a persistent path of fraud and deception.   At least from the vantage point of New York and many of the thousands of students who put their faith and their future in the mighty mogul’s charge.  Click here to read the full article.

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