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Whistleblower News from the Inside - October 4, 2013

Posted  October 4, 2013


A-Rod sues MLB – Taking the offensive in the ongoing doping scandal spawned by Biogenesis whistleblower Porter Fischer, Rodriguez claims the league has engaged in a “witch hunt” to force him out of baseball.  NYT

Stockbrokers from expelled firms keep on selling – In a practice known as “cockroaching,” there is a pattern of brokers moving from one problem firm to another.  WSJ

Government goes after TD Bank for customer’s Ponzi scheme – In what may be the beginning of a new enforcement trend, financial regulators extracted a $52.5 million settlement from the bank over charges it facilitated the billion dollar Ponzi scheme of its customer, Scott Rothstein.  NYT

Beanie-babies billionaire pleads guilty to tax evasion – Ty Warner, the creator and owner of the stuffed-toy company, will pay more than $50 million in fines and face up to 5 years in jail.  Chicago Tribune

Study finds antibiotics needlessly prescribed for sore throats – The Brigham and Women’s Hospital study finds most patients given antibiotics for sore throats do not need them and may actually be harmed by them.  Reuters

Study finds C-sections overused – The Canadian Institutes of Health Research study finds that while cesareans are used in three-quarters of twin births, in most cases a vaginal delivery will suffice.  Washington Post