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Whistleblower News from the Inside - February 28, 2014

Posted  February 28, 2014

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

Sprint loses bid to dismiss NY False Claims Act case – In a suit originally brought by a whistleblower, the New York attorney general’s case against Sprint for nearly $400 million alleging it deliberately failed to pay sales taxes will go forward.  Bloomberg

Break-in at whistleblower organization – A recent break-in at the Project on Government Oversight (no sensitive information was lost) highlights how whistleblower advocacy groups and law firms have been targeted by several attempts to steal information.  The Nation

Citigroup discovers fraud in Mexico unit – Citigroup subsidiary Banamex loaned $585 million to a Mexican oil services company, but a significant portion of the accounts receivables recorded by Banamex were fraudulent and the valid receivables were closer to $185 million.  NYT

Fraud in Virginia getting a free pass – Even though Virginia has a whistleblower law, many state employees do not report fraud because they are not protected by the statute.  ABC News

110 arrested in “boiler room” fraud – police raided 35 properties in Spain, Britain, Serbia, and the US in connection with “boiler room” gangs who defraud investors into buying worthless or nonexistent shares.  BBC News

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