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Whistleblower News from the Inside - April 29, 2014

Posted  April 29, 2014

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

Harsh words for Hillary on commitment to protecting whistleblowers – “At best, Clinton is ignorant about federal whistleblower laws,” or “she is willfully misleading her audience.”  Atlantic

SCOTUS to rule on whistleblower free speech rights —The Supreme Court will soon rule on whether the First Amendment protects public employees from retaliation if they testify about government corruption, possibly overturning a prior ruling protecting them only when speaking as private citizens.  LA Times

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley to reveal evidence of tax evasion – The banks have agreed to disclose details on how US citizens evaded taxes, including potentially incriminating evidence on how the banks helped.  WSJ

BofA discloses major error in measuring bank’s financial health — The mistake, which had gone undetected for several years, led the bank to report it had $4B more capital than it actually had.  NYT

Snowden still stuck in Russia despite expert defense attorney – Snowden last summer retained a high-powered Espionage Act defense lawyer to help him strike a deal with the US, but after nearly a year of negotiations, talks are still in early stages and no deal appears imminent.  NYT

Congressman Michael Grimm (NY-R) indicted on charges of tax fraud, perjury – The 20-count indictment comes after a 2-year investigation into the Congressman and former FBI agent.  NYT

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