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Blow the Whistle

Fraudulent activity is prohibited by law, but it’s especially troubling when a private company takes advantage of investors, customers, or taxpayers.  For this reason, there are statutes at the federal and California level that encourage individuals to come forward as whistleblowers. If you’re aware of efforts by a government contractor, financial organization, healthcare provider, or other individual or entity to cheat on a government contract, defraud a government program, underpay taxes, or violate laws to protect investors and the financial markets, you may be interested to learn how you can financially benefit from making a whistleblower claim.

California’s Silicon Valley is home to some of the world’s most valuable information technology companies, and the state also has a long history and strong presence in defense contracting, financial services, research and development, biotechnology, agriculture, international trade, and more.  California boasts the largest economy in the U.S., and the fifth largest in the world; many of California’s counties and cities are larger than other U.S. states.

At Constantine Cannon LLP, our team of dedicated San Francisco whistleblower attorneys knows the California landscape and has experience in litigation in the industries that drive the California economy as well as with the government enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and local levels.  If we work together, our team of whistleblower lawyers will be at your side with support and expert legal guidance at every turn, and we’ll help you understand what to expect and the best legal avenues for you and your case.  If you would like more information, or would like to speak to a member of the Constantine Cannon’s San Francisco whistleblower lawyer team, please Contact us for a Confidential Consultation.

The False Claims Act and Whistleblowing

The federal False Claims Act (FCA) permits the filing of whistleblower claims, also known as qui tam actions, where federal funds are involved through government purchasing or other government programs. Most states, including California, have false claims acts that parallel the federal FCA, for whistleblower claims involving state or local funds.  The California False Claims Act (CFCA) permits the filing of qui tam actions on behalf of the state, a local entity or entities, or both the state and local entities.

FCA and CFCA violations arise in a wide range of industries and settings, including:

Federal Agency Whistleblower Reward Programs

In addition to the federal and local False Claims Acts, there are whistleblower reward programs under a number of federal agencies. These include:

The California Insurance Fraud Prevention Act

California is one of two states with a whistleblower law that provides rewards for those reporting fraud against private insurers.  The California Insurance Fraud Prevention Act permits any interested party – including an insurance company – to file a civil suit  against a defendant who has defrauded, or attempted to defraud a private insurer.  Claims under the CIFPA may be combined with FCA and CFCA claims where, for example, a healthcare fraud has caused losses to both public and private payors in California.

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If you’re no longer willing to stay silent about corporate fraud, the San Francisco whistleblower lawyers at Constantine Cannon, LLP are prepared to listen to your story. We have knowledge of the whistleblower reward laws, extensive experience in court, and access to the resources necessary to investigate misconduct.

Please contact our office using the form below to set up a confidential appointment with a member of our team. Our attorneys can review your situation and help you explore your options as a whistleblower.

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