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Bundling and Unbundling

This archive displays posts tagged as relevant to bundling and unbundling in healthcare billing.

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May 19, 2022

Healthcare testing company VirtuOx, Inc. agreed to pay $3.15 million to resolve claims brought in an action initiated by a whistleblower alleging that falsely billed Medicare for pulse oximetry testing.  VirtuOx allegedly reported San Francisco as the location for overnight pulse oximetry testing when, in fact, no services were performed at that location, but that location resulted in a higher Medicare reimbursement.  In addition, VirtuOx allegedly billed Medicare for both oxygen “spot checks” and overnight pulse oximetry testing, when only the overnight testing was performed.  The whistleblower, Amber Watt, will receive an award of $630,000.  USAO SD FL

Catch of the Week: University of Miami to Pay $22 Million to Resolve Allegations of Lab Test Fraud

Posted  05/14/21
University of Miami logo
The University of Miami will pay $22 million to resolve three False Claims Act lawsuits, the first of which was filed in 2013.  The government alleged that UM, which operates a medical school out of Jackson Memorial Hospital and an extensive health system spanning four south Florida counties, fraudulently billed government health care programs to boost declining revenues.  Jackson Memorial will separately pay $1.1...

July 1, 2020

Genetic testing company Agendia, Inc., which offers the MammaPrint test analyzing genes within breast cancer tumors to predict recurrence, will pay $8.25 million to resolve claims of Medicare fraud in a case brought by a whistleblower under the False Claims Act.  Agendia was alleged to have conspired with hospitals to delay the performance of MammaPrint tests for patients discharged from those hospitals.  Under the Medicare 14-Day Rule in effect during the relevant time period, Agendia was allowed to bill Medicare directly for the test if it was performed more than 14 days after the patient was discharged from the hospital; if the test was performed within 14 days of discharge, then it would be billed through the hospital.  If Agendia received a physician’s order for a Medicare patient within 14 days of the patient’s discharge, it would either cancel the order and require the physician to resubmit it, or otherwise improperly delay the test and claim it was ordered and performed on a later date.  The whistleblower was a former employee of a Kentucky hospital, Mercy Health- Lourdes, which worked with Agendia to allow it to separately bill Medicare for the test, including by holding tissue specimens for 14 days or longer after patients were discharged. The hospital previously paid $211,039 to settle its liability.  No reward amount for the whistleblower was made public.  USAO WDKY  

Catch of the Week — Comprehensive Pain Specialists Targeted for Urine Drug Testing Fraud

Posted  07/26/19
Laboratory sample vial lying on procedure coding form
Our Catch of the Week goes to Comprehensive Pain Specialists (CPS), a now-shuttered pain-management chain that was once one of the largest in the nation, treating as many as 48,000 pain patients a month at about 60 clinics across 11 states.  CPS shut down in 2018 with little warning to patients and employees. On Monday, July 22, the United States and the State of Tennessee announced their partial intervention in...

Skyline Urology - Healthcare Fraud ($2.1 million)

Constantine Cannon represented a whistleblower in a False Claim Act case alleging Skyline Urology misused a billing code to increase reimbursements from Medicare and private insurers in California.  In February 2019, the company agreed to pay roughly $2.1 million to settle the matter. Our client received a whistleblower award of roughly 18% of the government's recovery.  Read more -- NLR, Becker's, DOJ, CC.

April 4, 2019

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Associates P.C. of New Haven, Connecticut, and its former owner Robert Sorrentino DDS, have agreed to pay $252,000 to settle claims that they submitted false claims to Medicaid by billing for services that were not provided, were not medically necessary, or were covered under other claims submitted for the same date of service.  The fraudulently-billed services included deep sedation or general anesthesia and removal of bone or tissue.  USAO CT

March 15, 2019

Connecticut Behavioral Health Associates, P.C. and its principal, psychiatrist Bassam Awwa, who treat patients for substance abuse, will pay $3.3 million in a settlement with the federal government and Connecticut. Defendants allegedly billed Medicare and Medicaid for multiple drug screening tests per patient visit, instead of the single test authorized.  In addition, defendants submitted bills for urine alcohol screening that were already a component of the single test, and for definitive urine drug tests that were not actually performed.  USAO CT

$2.1 Million Whistleblower Settlement with Skyline Urology Resolves Allegations of Improper Unbundling Fraud

Posted  03/1/19

This week, the Department of Justice and Constantine Cannon LLP announced a $2.1 million settlement against Skyline Urology, at one time the largest urology practice in California. The settlement, which includes $1.85 million to the United States and $250,000 to the State of California, resolved allegations by our whistleblower client that Skyline had engaged in a systematic coding scheme to defraud Medicare and...

Constantine Cannon LLP Announces $2.1 Million Whistleblower Settlement with Skyline Urology

Posted  02/28/19

Settlement resolves whistleblower client’s allegations of systematic coding scheme to improperly increase reimbursement.

WASHINGTON, D.C. February 28, 2019 -- Constantine Cannon LLP is pleased to announce that its whistleblower client’s claims resulted in a $2.1 million settlement against Skyline Urology, a major medical practice in California. The whistleblower exposed an alleged systematic coding scheme to...

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