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Whistleblower Rewards

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February 28, 2024

The owner and operator of a clinical laboratory in Georgia has pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $14.3 million to resolve charges of paying illegal kickbacks and causing false claims to be submitted to Georgia’s Medicaid program.  According to Capstone Diagnostics’ former laboratory manager, Andrew Maloney directed Capstone to pay volume-based commissions to independent sales representatives in exchange for them arranging medically unnecessary urine drug tests and respiratory pathogen panels to come their way.  The laboratory ultimately submitted over $1 million in tainted claims to Georgia Medicaid.  For bringing a successful case under the False Claims Act, whistleblower Jesse Allen will receive almost $3 million.  DOJ

Top Ten Whistleblower Recoveries for 2023

Posted  01/22/24
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2023 was another big year for whistleblowers, helping the government recover billions of dollars in dozens of fraud enforcement actions.  As usual, virtually all these whistleblower-prompted recoveries were under the government's three primary whistleblower rewards programs -- the False Claims Act, the SEC Whistleblower Program, and the CFTC Whistleblower Program.  Successful whistleblowers under each of these...

Top Ten SEC and CFTC Whistleblower Awards for 2023

Posted  01/16/24
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It was a relatively quiet year for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in their payout of whistleblower awards under their respective whistleblower programs.  Under the SEC Program and CFTC Program -- both enacted under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act -- whistleblowers who provide information that leads to a successful government...

December 22, 2023

Seven whistleblowers will receive over $28 million combined for providing information that significantly contributed to an SEC investigation. The group, comprised of a single claimant and two sets of joint claimants, provided significant and detailed information at crucial points in the investigation, saving the SEC staff considerable time and resources. SEC

Catch of the Week: AECOM

Posted  10/30/23
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Last week's Department of Justice (DOJ) Catch of the Week goes to Dallas-based architecture and engineering firm AECOM.  Last Tuesday (October 24), the company agreed to pay $11.8 million to settle charges it violated the False Claims Act by improperly billing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for disaster assistance funding in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster...

October 24, 2023

AECOM, an architecture and engineering firm in Texas, has agreed to pay $11.8 million to resolve allegations of defrauding FEMA and violating the False Claims Act in connection with efforts to rebuild educational facilities damaged by Hurricane Katrina.  While serving as a technical assistance contractor for FEMA, AECOM allegedly helped applicants submit fraudulent requests for disaster assistance funds, resulting in some applicants receiving funds in excess of what was permitted.  The misconduct was revealed by whistleblower Robert Romero, who will receive a relator’s share of $2.4 million as part of the settlement.  DOJ

CFTC Makes $18 Million Whistleblower Award

Posted  10/13/23
Screenshot of CFTC Whistleblower Program web page
Yesterday (October 12), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced an $18 million whistleblower award.  The agency did not disclose the identity of the whistleblower or the associated enforcement action.  It never does.  The CFTC maintains strict confidentiality over its whistleblowers.  All we know is the whistleblower "provided detailed information and assistance," that "was significant in amount...

October 11, 2023

Automotive management company Victory Automotive Group Inc. (VAG) has agreed to pay $9 million for allegedly providing false information on a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness application.  In order to be eligible for a PPP loan under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, VAG allegedly falsely certified that it was a small business with fewer than 500 employees, when in fact it and its affiliates cumulatively had over 3,000 employees across the country.  The misconduct was reported by a whistleblower in a qui tam suit; the whistleblower will receive a relator’s share of about $1.63 million.  DOJ

Catch of the Week: The Boeing Company

Posted  10/2/23
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This week's Department of Justice (DOJ) Catch of the Week goes to the Boeing Company.  Yesterday (September 28), DOJ announced the Virginia-based aircraft maker agreed to pay $8.1 million to settle charges it violated the False Claims Act in connection with its Navy contracts to manufacture the V-22 Osprey military aircraft. According to the government, for more than ten years Boeing violated contractual...

October 2, 2023

BioTek reMEDys Inc. and its CEO, Chaitanya Gadde, have agreed to pay $20 million to resolve allegations of providing illegal kickbacks to patients and physicians, in violation of the False Claims Act and Anti-Kickback Statute.  Former employees Shantae Wyatt and Latoya Sparrow alleged in a qui tam suit that the specialty pharmacy induced patients to purchase drugs by routinely waiving mandatory copays, and induced physicians to make referrals by providing dinners, gifts, and free administrative or clinical support services.  One physician in particular who received kickbacks, Dr. David Tabby, has paid $480,000 to resolve allegations against him.  Wyatt and Sparrow will receive over $4 million from the settlement with BioTek and Gadde, and over $91,000 from the settlement with Tabby.  DOJ
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