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How to Choose the Best Whistleblower Attorney for You

Posted  04/22/19
best lawyers for whistleblowers

This post was last updated on January 23, 2020

5 Key Factors to Evaluable When Searching for a Top Whistleblower Law Firm to Take Your Case

Whistleblowers are courageous men and women who come forward to disclose information that helps expose wrongdoing. Reporting unlawful behavior or injustice is never an easy thing to do —  it is a complicated, stressful process. In many cases, whistleblowers put their...

Question of the Week — Have you listened to the Talking Feds podcast yet?

Posted  04/17/19
Talking Feds Podcast Logo with Microphone
Constantine Cannon Whistleblower Lawyer, former United States Attorney, and Washington Post Columnist, Harry Litman has launched a fascinating – and timely – new podcast, Talking Feds. The weekly podcast is a roundtable discussion that features different former Department of Justice prosecutors that analyze newsworthy criminal cases, including Robert Mueller’s investigation. Past episodes have featured a...

Judiciary Committee Approves Amendments to California FCA

Posted  04/12/19
On Tuesday, the Judiciary Committee of the California State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 1270, which would make several important changes to the California False Claims Act, most notably eliminating the tax fraud loophole and clarifying materiality and damages standards. At the hearing, Martin Goyette, the head of the California Attorney General’s False Claims Unit, explained that the proposed changes would...

Constantine Cannon Attorneys Leah Judge and Chris McLamb Published in the Daily Journal on Proposed Amendments to the California FCA

Posted  04/12/19
man and woman attorney headshots
Constantine Cannon attorneys Leah Judge and Chris McLamb published an article in the Daily Journal highlighting proposed amendments to the California False Claims Act. Among other things, the bill would clarify the materiality requirement under the act and explicitly provide for consequential damages. The article explains how these changes will protect the government’s ability to punish and deter fraud and abuse in...

Constantine Cannon Partner Mary Inman Weighs in on UK Financial Watchdog’s Whistleblower Team

Posted  04/4/19
eyeball under legal scale
Constantine Cannon attorney Mary Inman recently weighed in on the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority’s leanly staffed whistleblower office, which employs seven individuals and runs on less money than the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) provides its chief executive in annual salary. In contrast, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission employs 21 people in its Office of the Whistleblower, which not only evaluates...

Constantine Cannon Attorney Harry Litman Published in the Washington Post on Why Whistleblowers Need Protection

Posted  04/4/19
person blowing whistle
Constantine Cannon attorney Harry Litman published an article in the Washington Post describing Tricia Newbold’s reporting of numerous failures in the White House security clearance process and the subsequent backlash. Litman emphasized the indispensable role whistleblowers play in uncovering fraud and returning government funds. Highlighting the doggedness, integrity and stamina–guts–required to become a...

Constantine Cannon Attorneys Gordon Schnell and Leah Judge Published in McKnight’s Senior Living on the DOJ's Recent Elder Fraud Sweep

Posted  03/27/19
Attorney's Headshots
Constantine Cannon attorneys Gordon Schnell and Leah Judge published an article in McKnight’s Senior Living discussing the Department of Justice’s recent elder fraud sweepThe sweep involved more than 260 million defendants nationwide who were accused of running scams to fleece the elderly out of nearly $750 million. The article explains that the sweep is part of a broader agenda to enforce laws that protect...

Catch of the Week — DOJ Settles with Two Additional Defendants in Ongoing Bid Rigging Investigation

Posted  03/22/19
US Soliders in Front of Oil Rig
Our Catch of the Week celebrates DOJ’s $127 million settlements with two additional South Korea-based companies entangled in a bid-rigging conspiracy to stifle competition and thus artificially inflate prices charged to the U.S. Government on contracts to supply fuel for U.S. military bases in South Korea. The two oil companies, Hyundai Oilbank Co. Ltd and S-Oil Corporation, will pay $75 million in criminal fines...

Supreme Court rules in favor of position advocated by Constantine Cannon partner Henry Su on behalf of The Center for International Environmental Law and others in Jam v. International Finance Corp

Posted  03/8/19
Metal sign for International Finance Corporation World Bank Group at entrance to building
Can the World Bank and other international organizations be sued for investments gone awry? That was the question, broadly speaking, that the Supreme Court answered in Jam v. International Finance Group, a case brought by Indian fishermen and farmers from the state of Gujarat whose waters and lands were destroyed by a power plant financed by the International Finance Group (IFC). The group of farmers sued the...

Constantine Cannon Attorneys Jessica Moore and Leah Judge Published in The Oklahoman on Helping to Curb Fraud in Oklahoma

Posted  02/28/19
Constantine Cannon attorneys Jessica T. Moore and Leah Judge published an op-ed piece in the Oklahoman advocating for the passage of House Bill No. 2386 (“the Oklahoma State Agency False Claims Act”). The proposed Oklahoma State Agency False Claims Act is modeled after similar state and local False Claims Act statutes that allow whistleblowers to bring lawsuits against companies and individuals who defraud the...
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