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April 25, 2023

Posted  April 25, 2023

Attorneys George Constantine and Marc Elefant, and orthopedic surgeon Andrew Dowd, were sentenced to prison for their $31 million trip-and-fall fraud scheme. Constantine (102 months), Elefant (24 months), and Dowd (102 months) recruited participants to stage falls or falsely claim to have fallen and would then file fraudulent suits against the businesses and insurance companies where the “falls” allegedly occurred. In addition to staging the accidents and then filing suit, Constantine and Elefant would require the “victims” to receive ongoing chiropractic and medical treatment from certain designated chiropractors and doctors—including Dowd. Dowd performed nearly 300 medically unnecessary surgeries on patient-clients, at the behest of Constantine and Elefant, who then used the surgeries to boost the value of any potential settlement. In addition to prison time, they will forfeit over $8 million acquired via their fraud. DOJ

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