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Listen to James Glenn, Cybersecurity Whistleblower and Constantine Cannon Client, on Tech & Main Podcast

Posted  May 10, 2021

Cybersecurity whistleblower James Glenn and Constantine Cannon whistleblower attorney Mike Ronickher spoke to the Tech & Main cybersecurity podcast about the experience Glenn had discovering and reporting a security flaw in Cisco’s Video Surveillance Manager software.  Glenn, who was represented by Constantine Cannon, brought a whistleblower lawsuit that resulted in the first government recovery under the False Claims Act for a company’s failure to comply with cybersecurity standards.

With Tech & Main, Glenn speaks about his experience working in cybersecurity, which grew out of his youthful engagement in the online worlds offered by BBS.  When Glenn discovered the Cisco VSM security flaw, he started where many whistleblowers start: he reported the problem internally, using existing channels.  Unfortunately, his report did not lead to the security flaw being fixed.  Instead, Glenn found himself without a job.  As Ronickher confirms in the podcast, it is very common for whistleblowers to first report issues internally.  Too often, companies fail to respond to these internal reports.

As Glenn relates on the podcast, it was his sister who pushed him to pursue the issues he had discovered.  Glenn tells the story of his early meetings with the FBI and his work in putting together a description of the security flaw that would be comprehensible to an audience not versed in cybersecurity issues.

You can listen to the podcast below.

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