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Attention Auto Safety whistleblowers: Elon Musk wants you to “Blow the Whistle on Tesla!”

Posted  February 11, 2022
Lioness listed the above NFT artwork “Blow the Whistle” by London-based artist Jason Measures for auction here in tandem with its publication of the story of SpaceX whistleblower Ashley Kosak.

Earlier this year, Constantine Cannon whistleblower partners Mary Inman and Poppy Alexander teamed up with Ariella Steinhorn and Amber Scorah, principals of the exciting new media venture Lioness, to expose how Elon Musk’s recent mockery of whistleblowers on Twitter falls flat and, what’s more, is poised to backfire on him.  In a January 14 Op-Ed published in Newsweek, co-authors Inman, Alexander, Steinhorn and Scorah lay bare the irony that by selling a commemorative Cyberwhistle in the shape of Tesla’s Cybertruck and goading people to “Blow the whistle on Tesla!,” Elon Musk unwittingly has created a public service announcement directing his employees and others with information about defects in Tesla vehicles to contact the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s whistleblower program, which pays monetary awards to whistleblowers whose information about safety defects causes NHTSA to impose a fine.

Musk’s whistleblower “PSA” is particularly well-timed, the Op-Ed notes, coming as it did only days before a New York Times article in which former Tesla employees challenged the safety of Autopilot, Tesla’s autonomous driver-assistance system, which is alleged to have caused a dozen accidents and one fatality, and on the heels of NHTSA’s press release announcing the payment of its first ever whistleblower award ($24.3 million) to Constantine Cannon client Gwang-ho Kim for helping NHTSA fine Hyundai $81 million for defective engines.  Using the Hyundai example to highlight the effectiveness of NHTSA’s whistleblower reward program in attracting well-placed insiders to expose auto safety defects, Inman, Alexander, Steinhorn and Scorah help Tesla whistleblowers to connect the dots and, in a delicious twist of fate, illuminate how they can use the Cyberwhistle, a prop intended to help Musk mock whistleblowers in a bit of supposedly harmless Twitter theater, to alert NHTSA and the U.S. Department of Transportation to inside information about alleged Autopilot defects in Tesla vehicles and qualify for a potentially sizeable whistleblower reward.

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