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Deflate-Gate Revisited: Court Strikes Down NFL Suspension of Tom Brady

Posted  October 15, 2015

By Tim McCormack and Gordon Schnell (Published in Huffington Post)

Sure, we have some resolution in the whole Deflategate scandal now that New York federal judge Richard Berman vacated the NFL’s 4-game suspension of New England star quarterback Tom Brady.  Brady — largely redeemed, Hall-of-Fame legacy safe and sound.   The NFL — another legal smackdown, highlighting its rudderless direction and need for serious self-correction.  The problem is we still know nothing about what really went down.  Did anyone actually tamper with the footballs?  Was Brady involved?  Did the NFL have it out for Brady and the Patriots?  Did the NFL fan a little bit of firestorm?  Unfortunately, Judge Berman’s decision skips over all of that — leaving us in the dark once again in the latest NFL scandal.  Click here to read complete article.