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Grassley Announces Creation of Whistleblower Protection Caucus

Posted  April 17, 2014

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), noted architect and champion of several whistleblower protection laws, has announced he will create the first-ever Senate whistleblower protection caucus.  The caucus, also commonly referred to as a coalition or working group, will consist of a group of senators dedicated to protecting whistleblowers and ensuring that whistleblower laws are enforced.  Grassley will be making the rounds in Congress over the next six months rallying support, with the hopes of having a fully operational group by the beginning of Congress’ next session in January 2015.

The announcement came on the twenty-fifth anniversary of one of Grassley’s signature achievements in the whistleblower arena, the passage of the Whistleblower Protection Act in 1989.  This was the law designed to protect federal employees who report fraud within the government.  It extended to the federal workforce protections similar to those available in the private sector from other laws, such as another of the Senator’s key pieces of whistleblower legislation, his amendments to the False Claims Act in 1986.

The announcement also comes on the heels of a grade report issued by Grassley on how well (actually how poorly) government agencies are doing when it comes to enforcing whistleblower protections.  Based on the government’s poor showing in that report, it looks like Grassley’s plan could not come at a better time.  According to the Senator, “Whistleblowers are often treated like skunks at a picnic.  It takes guts to put your career on the line to expose waste and fraud, and whistleblowers need senators who will listen and advocate for them.”  Hopefully, through Senator Grassley’s newest whistleblower protection initiative, he will be joined by a growing list of his Senate colleagues in his long-standing campaign to stand up for the rights and protections of whistleblowers.

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2 Replies to Grassley Announces Creation of Whistleblower Protection Caucus

  • mbravo.dc@gmail.com says:

    Would Senator Grassley consider protecting whistleblowers in the UN and Multilateral organizations?

    Whistleblowers in these organizations are unprotected in any way because of the immunity that these organizations questionably enjoy. Their immunity has translated into total impunity, leaving those who blow the whistle without any means of protection and exposed to many forms of retaliation.

    Fraud, cover-up and retaliation occur constantly at the World Bank , the IDB and other multilaterals. Congress has tried unsuccessfully to regulate this situation, and the 2012 Consolidated Appropriations Law is an initial example, but as the World Bank’s Ombudsman has recognized in private, this is just lip-service to keep some Congressmen and Congresswoman at bay.

  • allyjaliceh@aol.com says:

    i have posted this, repeatedly, and interestingly enough, on other links it has been removed. respectfully, i will post here instead. As i am certain this is imperative information that can be validated.

    Interesting Article. Whistleblower Protection Act- Oxymoron?
    Everyday, we see that those who, in good faith, who have reported possible: 1)wrongdoings 2) false claims 3)violation of rights 4)unethical business practices 5) HIPAA violations 6)OSHA violations 7) ADA violations 5)SEC violations and last, but not lease, other SEVERAL “possible” federal funding violations… Most specifically, of Large Companies, receiving Federal funding,( allocated to the state). Instead, these employees/Management who report these findings, in good faith, are being penalized for doing so. These “protected whistleblowers” who were specifically hired to ensure that these Federal Law mandates are followed and executed are, the same ones who are subject to a higher form of victimization. Many, (and there are several), are well-educated/experienced professionals required to report these “possible” wrongdoings, and yet are extradited for doing so, believing that justice would prevail and protect them. Some, I have seen, possess an abundance of evidence substantiated their claims and many statements from others also further validating these “alleged” claims. Protection? I have seen, and so many others have observed, that due to their good faith reports, are, in contrast, not protected at all. Worse, they and are subject to endless harassment, intimidation, and have watched as their professional successes are being strategically and rapidly blemished, without merit… For following the laws that they had agreed to abide by? Protection? Perhaps, protection for companies who have enough “money” to lawyer-up to dissuade these brave and expert professionals, who have placed their professional and personal lives on the line believing that our system will protect those who fight for justice. Most specifically when these possible violations are of Federal and State nature, related to Federal funding and tax payers. When will there be a team of lawyers fearless enough, ethically driven fight these corporations? These corporations castigate these excellent reputable employees who report “possible” violations, and are brutally retaliated against for doing the right thing? When will those who adhere to our Federal Laws be rightfully protected? A question I ask, that often has gone unanswered, … until now, as I will fight, valiantly, for these answers, and so should all of those who believe In our Government and are courageous enough to fight for these employees who adhered to our laws. Because one day, it can be you who these “questionable” corporations will target, and “attempt” to silence/destroy, solely b/c you are adhering and following our US laws.

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