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World Conference of Accountants in Sydney Australia Discusses Whistleblowing

Posted  November 7, 2018

At the World Conference of Accountants in Sydney, Australia, Constantine Cannon partner Mary Inman led a discussion on “The Truth About Truth Telling.”  Inman and the panelists highlighted how accountants must sometimes make hard choices and blow the whistle to maintain a company’s integrity. Often reluctant heroes, whistleblowers play a critical role in protecting society from corporate wrongdoing.  However, the personal and professional repercussions from standing up for what’s right can be extreme.

Ms. Inman’s fellow panelists were:

  • Michael Woodford -Appointed as the CEO of Olympus Corporation in April 2011, Woodford then discovered and blew the whistle on a $1.7 billion accounting fraud at the company.
  • Sylvain Mansotte – while at Leighton Contractors, Mansotte uncovered a $20.7 million insider fraud.
  • Wendy Addison – Addison played a key role as a whistleblower in LeisureNet, which collapsed in 2000 after she exposed corruption.

Inman specializes in representing whistleblowers from the U.K., Europe and worldwide under the various American whistleblower reward programs, including the Federal and various state False Claims Acts and the SEC, CFTC, IRS and DOT whistleblower programs.  After 20+ years representing whistleblowers in the U.S., she moved to London in July 2017 to launch the firm’s international whistleblower practice.  She is a recognized expert and frequent author and speaker on areas related to the international application of the American whistleblower laws, financial frauds, health care reimbursement and government procurement.

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