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At Constantine Cannon, we believe that whistleblowers matter.  Whistleblowers are brave people who can’t stay silent.  They stand up for what is right, and they make a difference.   On this page, we share stories about the importance of whistleblowers, and about whistleblowers who inspire us.

In addition, you can watch this informative video on the importance of whistleblower rewards created by Taxpayers Against Fraud, the country’s leading non-profit group dedicated to educating whistleblowers on their rights and protections.

From the Pentagon Papers to Edward Snowden – Part One of Our Interview with Tom Devine, Legal Director for the Government Accountability Project

Posted  02/6/14
Did you know the government almost left our airplanes unprotected despite knowing of an impending attack that would have made 9-11 look like a “skirmish?”  Why did Edward Snowden choose to go to the media instead of reporting his concerns internally?  Tom Devine, the Legal Director for the Government Accountability Project, spoke with us recently on these and other whistleblower issues.  Read on for Part One of...

Fighting for the Safety of our Food – Interview with Food & Water Watch’s Tony Corbo

Posted  01/9/14
Whistleblower Insider recently sat down with Tony Corbo, the senior lobbyist for the food campaign by DC-based public interest group Food & Water Watch, to learn more about the food industry and the issues we all face, but likely do not even know about, every time we choose an apple or a bag of cookies at the supermarket. CC Whistleblower:  What is Food & Water Watch? Tony Corbo:  Food & Water Watch is a...

Interview with Randy Fox, New York’s Whistleblower Chief, on New York as an Alternative to the IRS for Tax Whistleblowers

Posted  03/25/13
By Marlene Koury Whistleblower Insider interviewed Randy M. Fox, Bureau Chief of the Taxpayer Protection Bureau at the New York Attorney General’s Office, about the recent tax fraud case against the famous New York tailor, Mohanbhai “Mohan” Ramchandani, and the good work Mr. Fox’s office is doing under the New York False Claims Act. The Mohan case is the first resolution of a tax case brought under the...

Interview With Jeff Connaughton, Celebrated Author of The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins

Posted  01/22/13
By Marlene Koury Whistleblower Insider asks Jeff Connaughton about his views on the current state of government enforcement of the financial markets and what needs to be done to improve it.  He will be featured in the PBS Frontline special, The Untouchables, at 10 PM tonight, which "investigates why the U.S. Department of Justice has failed to act on credible evidence that Wall Street knowingly packaged and sold...

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