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Bribery and Bid-Rigging

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In Their Own Words -- Walker

Posted  09/14/15

-- “Out of the sense of honesty and patriotism, he didn’t want anything to do with what was going on here. He wanted to make sure the wrongdoers were exposed.” 

Whistleblower attorney describing Steven D. Walker’s efforts to expose bid rigging fraud in war-torn Afghanistan program.  For more click here.

The UK's 2010 Bribery Act -- More Businesses Need To Take Note

Posted  07/23/15
By Richard Pike and Natalia Mikolajczyk At the beginning of this month the UK Ministry of Justice and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills released a survey on how many UK small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) know about the UK’s Bribery Act 2010.  It turns out that two-thirds of the SMEs surveyed either had heard of or were aware of the corporate liability for failure to prevent bribery. Of those...

NEC — Government Contracting/Bribes and Kickbacks ($5 million).

One of our whistleblower attorneys was hired by the San Francisco Unified School District to pursue a False Claims Act case against NEC Business Network Solutions, a large supplier of computer systems under the government’s “E-Rate” program. E-Rate provided government subsidies for the purchase of computer equipment for school classrooms, seeking to bridge the “digital divide.” According to the complaint, NEC paid bribes and kickbacks to school officials, causing them to order excess equipment purchased with federal funds. One of the recipients of the illegal bribes was convicted and sentenced to 21 months in prison. Using a novel theory, the San Francisco school district “blew the whistle” on the company, and received an award of $5 million. See NY Times for more.
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