March 21, 2018

If he Builds it, Fraudsters will Come: Mary Inman Weighs in on Whistleblowers and the Trump Border Wall

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

Constantine Cannon partner Mary Inman was published in the Houston Chronicle, arguing whistleblowers are key to safeguarding against fraud on taxpayers by the contractors responsible for building any wall. “As previous large-scale public works projects have proven, whistleblowers are some of the most important tools federal agencies have to safeguard taxpayer dollars and successfully prosecute unscrupulous contractors,” Inman wrote. “Whistleblowers, empowered by federal, state and local false claims acts, can be the government’s eyes and ears. With $18 billion in spending earmarked for 716 miles of border wall, whistleblower watchdogs could be the government’s first line of defense against fraud.” Click here for more.

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