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April 18, 2016

Posted  May 9, 2016

Coloroda-based defense contractor IONU Security, Inc. agreed to pay $450,000 to settle charges of violating the False Claims Act in connection with an Army Contract for Bradley Fighting Vehicles (“Bradleys”) under which IONU provided Turret Control Drive Units (“TDCUs”) for the Bradleys under subcontracts with the Prime Contractor.  The TDCU is a control box that provides power to control the turret, including weapons systems, of a Bradley.  According to the government, the TDCUs did not meet the requirements of the contract and despite knowing that their failure could result in an electronic short and catastrophic failure, IONU did not notify the Prime Contractor or the government of the defective parts.  The allegations originated after a whistleblower notified the Department of Defense through its fraud hotline.  DOJ (WDTX)

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