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August 17, 2017

Posted  November 27, 2017

Pharmaceutical companies Mylan Inc. and Mylan Specialty L.P. agreed to pay $465 million to settle charges they violated the False Claims Act by purposely misclassifying EpiPen as a generic drug to avoid paying higher Medicaid rebates.  Under the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program, state Medicaid programs are entitled to larger rebates for brand-name drugs compared to generics.  According to the government, Mylan circumvented this program and its purpose by erroneously reporting EpiPen as a generic drug to Medicaid so it could demand massive price increases in the private market while avoiding its corresponding rebate obligations to Medicaid.  The allegations originated in a whistleblower lawsuit filed under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act by competing pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis US.  Sanofi will receive a whistleblower award of roughly $38.7 million from the proceeds of the government’s recovery. Whistleblower Insider

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