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January 17, 2017

Posted  February 21, 2017

The SEC announced fraud charges against Thomas M. Henderson, an Oakland, California-based businessman accused of misusing money he raised from investors through the EB-5 immigrant investor program.  The SEC alleges that Henderson and his company San Francisco Regional Center LLC falsely claimed to investors that their $500,000 investments would help create at least 10 jobs within several distinct EB-5 related businesses Henderson created, including a nursing facility, call centers, and a dairy operation.  But according to the SEC’s complaint, Henderson jeopardized investors’ residency prospects and combined the $100 million he raised from investors into a general fund from which he allegedly misused at least $9.6 million to purchase his home and personal items and improperly fund several personal business projects.  Henderson also allegedly improperly used $7.6 million of investor money to pay overseas marketing agents, and shuffled millions of dollars along the EB-5 business to obscure his fraudulent scheme.  SEC

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