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October 3, 2017

Posted  November 28, 2017

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Rockey “Roc” G. Hatfield, Steve E. Lovern, and NanoSave Technologies Inc  with defrauding investors in penny stock companies that claimed to have valuable patents.  One of those charged had been barred from the penny stock business based on his role in another securities scheme and neither he nor his companies had ever been issued any patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the SEC alleged. Hatfield is a repeat offender whose prior securities schemes resulted in a criminal conviction, injunctions, a contempt of court finding, and broker-dealer, investment adviser, and penny-stock bars.  The SEC’s complaint alleges Hatfield controlled the two companies but concealed his role in them by having his wife and Lovern named as corporate officers and directors. According to the SEC’s complaint, the defendants hired unregistered brokers to cold call investors and pitch investments in “patent units,” using scripts written by Hatfield, including one that falsely claimed N1 Technologies had patented a cure for staph infections. SEC

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