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Catch Our Rising Star!

Posted  October 17, 2019

Law360 has tapped Michael Ronickher, partner in the whistleblower practice at Constantine Cannon, for its 2019 Rising Star series.  Law360 selected Mike for his work representing whistleblowers in all manner of reward programs, including his role in the groundbreaking cybersecurity whistleblower case against Cisco.

What motivates Mike?  His clients: “Our clients are a real reason that we all get out of bed in the morning,” he said. “They’re the ones who take the personal risk to blow the whistle, and that’s such an enormous personal step that it’s an intensely motivating thing to work with people like that.”

CC and its Whistleblower Team couldn’t have said it better – Congratulations to 2019 Rising Star Mike Ronickher!

Learn more about Mike by reading the Law360 profile here.

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