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In Their Own Words . . . . Dr. Michèle Brill-Edwards

Posted  June 5, 2023

“You’d think by now they’d want to ensure that the next time there’s a serious ‘mishap’ in governance, there’d be a safety valve, a safe way for an ethical public servant to come forward with that hidden information, vital to the public interest, without suffering retaliation.”

Dr. Michèle Brill-Edwards in her Opinion Piece in the Toronto Star, titled Canada must strengthen its woefully weak whistleblower legislation.  According to Dr. Brill-Edwards, “[i]t seems neither the party in power, nor the party that may win power, want to protect truth-tellers.  Instead, Canadians may get more theatre.”  She is a member of the Steering Committee of the Centre for Free Expression Whistleblower Initiative at Toronto Metropolitan University, and is a former federal whistleblower.

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