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February 29, 2016

Posted  March 7, 2016

Lockheed Martin Corporation (and subsidiaries Lockheed Martin Energy Systems and Lockheed Martin Utility Services) agreed to pay $5 million to resolve allegations they violated the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and the False Claims Act by knowingly submitting false claims for payment under their contracts with the Department of Energy to operate the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Kentucky.  According to the government, Lockheed Martin violated the RCRA, which establishes how hazardous wastes must be managed, by failing to identify and report hazardous waste produced and stored at the facility, and failing to properly handle and dispose of the waste.  The government alleged that this conduct resulted in false claims for payment under Lockheed Martin’s contracts with the Department of Energy.  The allegations originated in two whistleblower lawsuits filed under the qui tam provision of the False Claims Act by the Natural Resources Defense Council and several former employees of Lockheed Martin who worked at the Paducah facility.  The whistleblowers will collectively receive a whistleblower award of $920,000 from the proceeds of the government’s recovery.  DOJ

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