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Trump Withdraws Nomination of OSC Head Carolyn Lerner, Popular Whistleblower Advocate

Posted  March 22, 2017

In a move criticized by whistleblower advocates, President Trump “withdr[ew] from further Senate consideration” the reappointment nomination of Carolyn Lerner.  An Obama administration appointee, Lerner has been Special Counsel since 2011, heading the Office of Special Counsel (OSC).   The independent federal investigative and prosecutorial agency’s stated primary mission includes “protecting federal employees and applicants from . . . reprisal for whistleblowing.”

Lerner quickly became known for her vigilance in protecting and embracing government whistleblowers.  In testimony before Senate last year, Lerner cited progress under her leadership, including a “dramatic increase in [whistleblower] filings” and a significant upsurge in favorable outcomes for employees.

In light of Lerner’s impressive track record, the Washington Post reports that her renomination garnered support on both sides of the Congressional aisle.  Rep. Rod Blum (R-IA) said he “believe[s] Ms. Lerner has earned a second term,” noting “bipartisan praise for [OSC’s] work, including resolving multiple cases of retaliation against whistleblowers at the Veterans Administration.”  And Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), tireless whistleblower advocate, said “protecting [whistleblowers] is an important, non-partisan job that the Office of Special Counsel has done well under Carolyn Lerner’s leadership.”

Whistleblowers, too, praised Lerner as “fearless” and “a tough act to follow.”  And VA whistleblower and Trump supporter called the president’s decision to withdraw her nomination “a horrible move for someone who truly wants to ‘drain the swamp.’”

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2 Replies to Trump Withdraws Nomination of OSC Head Carolyn Lerner, Popular Whistleblower Advocate

  • robin7798@yahoo.com says:

    President Trump should be praised for firing Caorlyn Lerner! She did a horrible job due to the fact that she solely focused on Veterans Administration complaints, and of those she only investigated about 5% and only took action in about 1% of the 5%. She wasted everyone else’s time, money, energy and effort of all others who filed complaints!

    So glad that President Trump fired this bottom feed slug who did VERY Little work!
    Good riddance!

  • whistleblower event attendee says:

    President Trump was correct in firing Carolyn Lerner! Swamp cleaning and draining moving forward!
    Carolyn Lerner did not do a good job. In fact she did a lousy job and was not worth her 6 figure salary! Check the statistics! Check your facts!

    Carolyn Lerner was one of biggest obstacles for whistleblowers due to the fact that under her regime she ignored many thousands of complaints. Under her “leadership” only about 5% of all complaints were investigate and all were Veteran’s Administration complaints, of which she then cherry picked a few complaints to investigate thereby giving the appearance of doing her job.

    Carolyn Lerner wasted the time, energy, money, and efforts of thousands and thousands of whistleblowers by ignoring their complaints due to the fact that their complaints did not involve the Veterans Administration.

    Carolyn Lerner stated these facts in her speech at a whistleblower event held on Capitol Hill last year, where James Comey spoke as well.

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