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How to Choose the Best Whistleblower Attorney for You

Posted  April 22, 2019

This post was last updated on February 10, 2020

5 Key Factors to Evaluate When Searching for a Top Whistleblower Law Firm to Take Your Case

Whistleblowers are courageous men and women who come forward to disclose information that helps expose wrongdoing. Reporting unlawful behavior or injustice is never an easy thing to do —  it is a complicated, stressful process.

In many cases, whistleblowers put their career on the line to do the right thing. When making disclosures, whistleblowers need a strong advocate on their side.

Whistleblowers deserve a zealous pursuit of the maximum available whistleblower reward, in addition to full protection against retaliation.

If you are considering bringing a whistleblower claim, you will find that there is no shortage of law firms to choose from. With so much at stake, it is essential that you find the best whistleblower attorney for you.

The whistleblower team at Constantine Cannon wants to make sure that you have all of the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Here, we offer some key insights on what you should look for in a whistleblower lawyer.


The whistleblower attorney should have…

Extensive experience representing whistleblowers like you

Whistleblower law is deeply complex. The best lawyers for whistleblowers are professionals who have extensive relevant experience.

As a starting point, your lawyer will help you understand if you have a viable case. From there, your lawyer can help you gather the evidence and information needed to pursue a claim. Notably, not all whistleblower claims are the same.

Indeed, there are many different whistleblower laws and whistleblower programs that exist under state and federal statutes. Although these laws often share some similarities, each whistleblower law also has its own unique set of rules and procedures. You need a lawyer who knows how to handle your case.

At Constantine Cannon, our whistleblower attorneys have experience with:

No matter the specific circumstances of your claim, our whistleblower attorneys have the skills and knowledge needed to take the appropriate steps to protect your rights and help you obtain the full whistleblower award to which you are entitled.

We will use our experience to evaluate your claim, help you gather and prepare evidence, persuade the government to get involved, fight for the maximum award available under whistleblower laws, and work to protect your confidentiality.


Prominent whistleblower lawyer takes aim at Silicon Valley

“We haven’t seen many whistleblower claims involving technology firms. But now we’re seeing more government contracts are going to technology companies. And whenever the government spends large amounts of money on something, fraud and corruption usually appear”. – Eric Havian, Whistleblower Attorney.


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The whistleblower lawyer you hire should…

Protect your interests above all else

To hire the best whistleblower lawyer, you need to find a law firm that is attuned to your personal interests. Making protected disclosures against an employer, a private company, or any other party can be a daunting task. It is normal to be worried about the potential ramifications that doing so could have on your career. Sadly, whistleblower retaliation remains a serious problem.

You should always hire a whistleblower attorney who is prepared to handle your case with the sensitivity and confidentiality that it deserves. A great whistleblower lawyer will listen to your story, take the time to understand your concerns, answer your questions, and make sure that you are comfortable with the manner in which your case is moving forward.


It takes guts for whistleblowers to come forward. Protect them.

“In my private legal practice, I represent whistleblowers who allege fraud against the government. It’s not in everyone’s constitution to be a whistleblower. It takes a certain combination of doggedness, integrity and stamina. It doesn’t make you the most popular player in the sandbox. And it generally exacts a high cost.” – Harry Litman, Whistleblower Attorney.


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The whistleblower law firm should have…

A long track record of successful whistleblower reward recoveries

Ultimately, for the client, there is nothing more important than results. All of the experience and professional accolades in the world will not mean much for a whistleblower if their attorney cannot actually produce results in their case.

Whistleblower attorneys need a track record of working closely with government attorneys, agents, and investigators, such that those officials know that they can rely on the attorneys for reliable information and analysis. But the best whistleblower attorneys have a record not just of achieving results for the government, but also for their clients in maximizing their whistleblower rewards.  There is a reason that the top whistleblower law firms always have a history of satisfied clients.

At Constantine Cannon, we have an extensive record of producing successful results in whistleblower claims. Members of our team have been responsible for helping clients recover compensation in a wide range of whistleblower cases.

Over the last two decades, our whistleblower law attorneys have helped our clients recover more than $350 million in awards, and had a record-shattering year in 2020.


DaVita whistleblower settlement marks growing focus on kickbacks

“You don’t want healthcare providers to be influenced by money. You want them to send their patients to the places they feel they’ll get the best treatment. I think in this day and age, with the spotlight that’s been placed on kickbacks, that it’s not an area where healthcare providers should be all that confused.” – Gordon Schnell, Whistleblower Lawyer.


Click here to read the full article on ModernHealthcare.com »


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The attorneys and legal staff on your case should have…

Adequate time and resources to dedicate to your case

When you are reporting wrongdoing and seeking whistleblower compensation, you need to hire a whistleblower lawyer who will give your case the full attention that it deserves.

Even the most acclaimed attorneys will not be very effective if they are not willing to devote the time, the energy, and the resources that are truly needed in your case.

At Constantine Cannon, our whistleblower lawyers are relentless in advocating for the rights of our clients. Our clients have often worked for years to change the wrongful conduct before they come to us. From our first conversation, we’ll listen to your story. Our whistleblower attorneys always provide each and every client the fully personalized legal representation that they deserve, guiding them through the often complicated procedures,  making sure that the right federal and state government officials hear their stories, and working on their behalf with the government. Further, we are prepared to put all of the necessary resources behind your case.


The Personal Toll of Whistle-Blowing

Her colleagues refer to her as the “whistle-blower whisperer.” She talks about serving as an informal therapist and parent to her clients during the lonely, multiyear process of developing a qui tam case. Part of the purpose of the initial meeting, she told me, is to “size up” the potential client, to figure out whether he or she is trustworthy. She asks herself, “Do I really want to spend the next six years with this person?” – Mary Inman, Whistleblower Lawyer.


Click here to read the full article on NewYorker.com »


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The whistleblower law firm you hire should take…

Quick action in helping you report what you know

Whistleblower claims are time sensitive legal matters. If you are considering making protected disclosures and pursuing compensation through a whistleblower reward program, it is crucial that you hire the best whistleblower attorney as early as possible. The sooner you get an experienced attorney by your side, the better you will be able to explore and take advantage of every available legal option.

A top-rated whistleblower lawyer will be able to advise you on the current strength of your claim. Before disclosing information to regulators or any other parties, you should know the proper way to share that evidence. Additionally, should you need more information to proceed with a legal case, your whistleblower lawyer will be able to determine the best way to work towards obtaining that information.

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Get Help From Constantine Cannon Whistleblower Lawyers

At Constantine Cannon, we take on whistleblower cases of all types, characteristics, and subject matters, and represent whistleblowers located around the country and around the world.

Our law firm is committed to fighting for the legal rights and financial interests of our clients.

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From offices in Washington D.C., New York, San Francisco, and London, we can work on cases arising under U.S. law in different venues, including cases that are global in scope.

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    I worked for a for-profit technical school in Houston, Texas. Fortis College owned by Education Affiliates.
    During my time there I discovered many non-compliant issues with the school. misrepresentations of graduation and job placement rates, alteration of attendance records and enrollment of unqualified students.


    I work for McDonalds. There are health code violations and acts being performed to boost the bonuses of the company Management while forcing employees to suffer without raises. Numerous other violations as well

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