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Whistleblower Publications

The whistleblower attorneys of Constantine Cannon often publish articles or speak on topics of interest to whistleblowers and others.  Here, you will find a selection of these publications and appearances.

Whistleblower Law and Practice in the US and Beyond

Posted  02/7/20
CC Attorney Carolina Gonzalez
Constantine Cannon attorney Carolina Gonzalez was a speaker on the panel, “Whistleblower Law and Practice in the US and Beyond”  at the "Challenges in Compliance  as We Enter  the New ‘Roaring Twenties’"  conference held by the EURO LATAM LEX, the international Network of law firms, on February 6, 2020, in Washington, DC.  Click here to read the presentation.        

Trump's Whistleblower Tactics are Straight out of America's Corrupt Corporate Playbook

Posted  11/8/19
CC Attorneys Mary Inman, Ari Yampolsky
Mary Inman and Ari Yampolsky published in Quartz on retaliation often faced by whistleblowers.

Strengthen The Intel Community’s Whistleblower Act

Posted  10/24/19
CC Attorney Eric R. Havian
Whistleblower attorney Eric Havian published in BreakingDefense.com. Click here to read the article.

What's missing from the debate about 'Medicare For All'? Combating billions in healthcare fraud

Posted  10/21/19
CC Attorneys Gordon Schnell, Max Voldman
FierceHealthcare publishes article by Gordon Schnell and Max Voldman. Click here to read more.

Why a whistleblower could do what Mueller couldn't

Posted  10/8/19
CC Attorneys Leah Judge, Chris McLamb
The Hill publishes article by Chris McLamb and Leah Judge. Click here to read more.

Trump has no right to confront the whistleblower who triggered an impeachment inquiry

Posted  10/7/19
USA Today publishes Op-Ed by Noelle Yasso. Click here to read more.

The cost-benefit calculus for whistleblowers just took a turn for the worse

Posted  09/20/19
CC Attorney Eric R. Havian
Washington Post publishes Op-Ed by Eric R. Havian.  Click here to read more.

Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime

Posted  09/6/19
CC Attorney Mary Inman
London whistleblower partner Mary Inman participated in the 37th International Symposium on Economic Crime, from September 1st-September 8 at Jesus College of Cambridge University, speaking on panels about Incentivising Whistle-blowers; Whistleblowing: A global phenomenon; and, Developing and valuing internal whistle-blowers.

Whistleblowing & DPAs and Their Impacts on the Cost of the Crime

Posted  09/2/19
CC Attorney Mary Inman
Mary Inman spoke at a legal education conference for Brazilian judges, "II New Trends in the Common Law: Artificial Intelligence, Economic Analysis of Law and Civil Procedure," sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) at the University of London's School of Advanced Studies and the Institute Justice and Citizenship (Instituto Justiça e Cidadania), in association with Rio de Janeiro State University School of Law, and the Association of Brazilian Federal Judges,
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