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Whistleblower Publications

The whistleblower attorneys of Constantine Cannon often publish articles or speak on topics of interest to whistleblowers and others.  Here, you will find a selection of these publications and appearances.

Government’s heightened fraud focus necessitates provider action

Posted  03/26/19
CC Attorneys Gordon Schnell, Leah Judge
Senior Living publishes article by partner Gordon Schnell and Leah Judge.  Click here to read the article.

Walgreens facing whistleblower lawsuit over Medicaid drug pricing

Posted  03/20/19
CC Attorneys Mary Inman, Max Voldman
RAC Monitor publishes article by Partner Mary Inman and associate Max Voldman, Walgreens facing whistleblower lawsuit over Medicaid drug pricing.   Click here to read the article.

Bill would help curb fraud in Oklahoma

Posted  02/27/19
CC Attorneys Jessica T. Moore, Leah Judge
The Oklahoman publishes Op-Ed by Jessica Moore and Leah Judge. Click here to read the article.

Intermountain Healthcare Seeks to Dismantle the DOJ’s Chief Civil Fraud Enforcement Tool

Posted  01/23/19
CC Attorney Mary Inman
Whistleblower attorney Mary Inman published in RAC Monitor. (Jan. 23, 2019).

D.C. Council Testimony

Posted  12/20/18
CC Attorney Michael Ronickher
Whistleblower attorney Michael Ronickher delivered testimony supporting a bill in the D.C. Council that would permit tax cases under the District’s False Claims Act. Read his original and supplemental written testimony.

International Roundtable - Corporate Settlement agreements: A delicate balance between pragmatism and justice

Posted  12/19/18
CC Attorney Mary Inman
Partner Mary Inman speaks at Coventry University regarding the SEC's response to Gagging Clauses in Separation Agreements that seek to Chill Whistleblower Speech.  Click here to learn more.

Rise in International Whistleblowers filing under U.S. Whistleblower Reward Programmes

Posted  11/29/18
CC Attorney Mary Inman
Partner Mary Inman spoke at the Transparency International Ireland's Integrity at Work Conference.  Click here to learn more. (November 28, 2018).

The Truth About Truth Telling

Posted  11/7/18
CC Attorney Mary Inman
Mary Inman served as the moderator of panel of international whistleblowers at the World Conference of Accountants in Sydney, Australia (November 6, 2018).
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