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Whistleblower Insider Blog

Whistleblower Insider is written by the Constantine Cannon law firm team of experienced qui tam and whistleblower lawyers. It is updated regularly to provide the latest whistleblower and fraud news and developments.

Whistleblower Charges HBO With Animal Abuse on Failed Horseracing Drama

Posted  01/4/13
By Marlene Koury HBO’s horseracing drama “Luck” was fraught with criticism from animal rights activists and high-profile incidents of sick and dying horses during its short production.  Among these incidences, two horses were injured and euthanized during filming in 2010 and 2011 and a third horse died from a head injury in March 2012.  HBO quickly cancelled the show that same month, shortly after airing...

Government Ups the Ante for Financial Fraud With Criminal Charges Against UBS for LIBOR Misdeeds

Posted  12/27/12
By Gordon Schnell It was just two weeks ago that the government slapped HSBC with a record $1.9 billion fine to settle charges of money laundering and dealing with terrorist states. As steep as the payment was, however, there seemed to be an overriding consensus that the government let the banking giant off easy by foregoing any criminal charges. To many, it was just the latest iteration of the...

Stiff Amgen Fine Shows No Slowing Down in Government Prosecution of Off-Label Marketing

Posted  12/20/12
By Gordon Schnell It was only two weeks ago that the Second Circuit Court of Appeals came down with its groundbreaking decision in U.S. v. Caronia.  In a 2-to-1 ruling by a three-judge panel, the appeals court overturned the conviction of a drug company sales representative for promoting a prescription drug for uses not approved by the FDA.  The majority reasoned that banning such off-label marketing violated the...

More Trouble for Orthofix

Posted  12/20/12
By Marlene Koury Medical device maker Orthofix, Inc. this week obtained court approval for its June 2012 settlement proposal to resolve civil and criminal allegations that it defrauded Medicare through kickback schemes and overbilling for its bone-growth stimulators.  Click here for the original government press release.  The company will pay approximately $43 million for its misdeeds.  This payment follows on...

Too Big to Prosecute? -- HSBC Pays Record Fine for "Aiding and Abetting Drug Lords and Terrorists" But Dodges Criminal Sanctions

Posted  12/17/12
By Gordon Schnell The London-based mega-bank HSBC agreed last week to pay $1.9 billion to settle government charges that it violated the Bank Secrecy Act for facilitating money laundering by some of the world's nastiest drug cartels.  The charges also included alleged violations of the Trading with the Enemy Act for the bank's improper dealings with a number of countries subject to international sanctions.  Click...

Big Pharma Does Good -- Providing Access to the Poor

Posted  12/6/12
By Gordon Schnell There has been a lot of negative press on the fraudulent misadventures of Big Pharma.  Particularly lately.  Whether it be for falsifying studies, selling bad or ineffective drugs, concealing risky side effects, or ignoring FDA restrictions, it seems like every major drugmaker has been sued recently for putting profits before public health and safety.  You name the industry player, chances are...

George Washington University Caught Cheating in Coveted U.S. News College Rankings

Posted  12/3/12
By Marlene Koury The ever-controversial yet highly sought-after U.S. News and World Report best college rankings “unranked” George Washington University after GWU disclosed that it had been submitting false academic statistics to U.S. News for over a decade.  The unranking follows a voluntary disclosure earlier this month by GWU that it significantly inflated student academic achievements by overestimating the...

SEC Whistleblower Program Continues to Gain Steam With No Signs of Slowing Down

Posted  11/30/12
By Jason Enzler The SEC just released its second annual report on its whistleblower program (available here).  While there are no major surprises, there are some interesting facts to take away and even some trends that can be deduced.  Consistent with our report in a previous post, the number of attorneys staffing the SEC’s Whistleblower Office has doubled.  See Business Is Booming At The SEC Whistleblower...

Another Bad Report Card for the Beleaguered FDA

Posted  11/29/12
By Gordon Schnell The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admittedly has a lot on its plate.  Tasked with regulating the country’s food and medicine supply, not to mention the ever-evolving array of medical devices and procedures, the FDA is the federal agency perhaps most responsible for ensuring our health and well-being.  If the agency does not perform up to task, a lot of people are affected.  So it is no...

Lesson Learned From the Petraeus Affair -- Intelligence Agents Need Whistleblower Protections Too

Posted  11/28/12
By Gordon Schnell and Marlene Koury (published in The Hill) As the details of the General Petraeus affair continue to unravel, there still remains a shroud of mystery over the FBI leak that prompted this whole media frenzy.  We know that FBI agent Fred Humphries was the whistleblower who first reported the agency’s investigation to House majority leader Eric Cantor.  We know that Humphries was the agent to whom...

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